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Philippa, Bernadette, Lindy

We are three woman celebrating being 60 by swimming 60 kilometres, in 60 ocean pools.

A 60 year milestone, 60 kilometres, 60 ocean pools, 60 dollars for the health of a mother and baby.

We are three women celebrating being 60, with the joys and challenges that six decades of full life bring.

To mark our milestone, we’ve set out together to swim 60 kilometres, one in each of the beautiful 60 ocean pools from Palm Beach to Kiama, in the year of our sixtieths. With each stroke we celebrate the pleasure of living in the city of Sydney…where we CAN swim in 60 ocean pools and barely leave the city limits. Sixty pools, free for anyone to enjoy.

In our swimming, we're affirming that 60 is still young, that we're at a peak in life, that we have reached a point of freedom from the opinions of others, and that all of life’s challenges to date have only made us stronger.

We let go of the things that we’ve consciously or unconsciously gathered on life’s journey, things that hinder our childlike freedom. As we swim, we reclaim all that has been lost in weariness and pursuit of outcomes. We celebrate joy and freedom. As we delight in the beauty of sandstone rock pools, gliding through crisp clean ocean water, our minds tend outward too. As mothers we feel a love for our babies that’s as big as an ocean…as we raise them, we receive an ocean of love in return.

Right now, we'd swim an ocean to be near our loved ones far away.

Yet we also swim our ocean of love for other mothers, for infants and unborn babies in Africa for whom a safe birth is only a dream. A sponsorship of $60 for our 60 kilometre swim could save the life of a mother or baby. 

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